Hubert Koekenberg

Hubert Koekenberg quality insurance, taking insurances to another level. A different business approach requires a different communications strategy. Therefore we traveled to Norway and shot Hubert enjoying life and performing his passion; riding motorcycles. We didn’t want to talk about private insurance, but about all the things that makes life beautiful. Passion, perfection and dedication were the elements we worked with. We told the story of Hubert Koekenberg by film. To give people an insight of him as a person and what drives him in his work and life. We traveled to Norway where we did the whole production. Passion holds many different forms, therefore we interviewed three top professionals (Annebeth Webb, Guy Sainthill and Bas Verwijlen) to tell us more about their passions.

Our role

    Brand Identity, Design, Frontend Development, Photography, Strategy & Direction, Video Production, Webdesign